The user of the official website of THE COMPANY, may learn about the services provided by the company, and consequently, provide certain data to it, through the use of the registration mechanisms available; filling out forms; where the user provides data such as name and surname, email, phone number, and others. Also, the user can provide data through chats with experts, and automated mechanisms that allow such function, using specific cookies for this purpose.

The use that the company makes over the provided data via different methods previously mentioned, are based on the consent of the users, in whose favor the services are provided, and, at the same time, allows the company to improve these services. Such data, also allows the company to promote new services and the promotion means are via: Telegram, email, Whatsapp. Consequently, THE COMPANY may contact the CLIENT to request and opinion about the products, in order to improve the quality of customer service. In tune with above, THE COMPANY must inform any reform or modification done in this privacy policy, notifying THE CLIENT how this reforms and changes are related to their rights, allowing THE CLIENT to decide about how the provided data is treated, and how they want their data to be handling

On the official website, the user will be available to see that THE COMPANY uses analytical and functional cookies. These cookies are necessary in order to know the period of user activity on the site, as well as to show the specificity of the services. Cookies are small documents sent by websites to your browser and stored in your browser directory. Cookies are originated when you use your browser to visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of your movements on the site and help it summarize your activity where you left off, remember your registered login and other personalization functions. Moreover, the user has the power to decide whether or not they want these cookies to remain active. Given that consent is fundamental in the data manipulation and acquisition, THE COMPANY respects and compliance the user´s decision, so, it gives him the option to “enable all” or “disable” all or part of this cookies. Depending on THE CLIENTS decision, these cookies will work totally or partially, hence the relevance of THE CLIENT consent. Finally, as consequence of the previously described information, THE COMPANY uses the following cookies

    Analytic Cookies:
they work as a user’s behavior meter and their activities in the web. And these are:
  • a) Google Analytics:
  • this Google´s cookie allows the company to collect and analyze the search engine. The fact of using these cookies allows us to know which pager the user is related to, as well as the navigation, but it doesn´t identifies the user.
  • b) Google Tag Manager:
  • it is a tag management system that allows the company to track and analyze our visitor’s navigation routes or paths. This information stored in Google Tag Manager will not Id the visitor, since the existence and use of this cookie is subject to the accessibility of our site.
  • c) Facebook Píxel:
  • this site uses Facebook Pixel which uses cookies to personalize ads and content, to provide social networking features and traffic analysis. We share information about you with our trusted advertising and analytics partners.

      Functional Cookies:
    This type of cookies allows us to show you the products or services offered by the company, and that the user needs in an automated way.
  • a) Youtube:
  • YouTube uses cookies to obtain the configuration of embedded video when it is been played.
  • b) Google Maps:
  • our site uses features and content provided to you by Google Maps in accordance with the Google Maps/Earth additional terms of service and Google´s privacy policy.

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